Affordable Alteration Services

While we pride ourselves on being the professionals in the sewing industry, our specialty lies within alterations. Turn to Judy's Sewing Bridal & Tux for all your alteration needs. From hemming pants to altering dresses, our skilled professionals can handle it efficiently.

In this industry, we recognize that there is no room for error. Everything has to be exact. Whether it's a piece of treasured clothing with sentimental value or just an article you love, each and every member of our team works hard to enhance the item you are bringing to us and customize it to your unique needs.

Let Us Help Alter the Following for You

As we said, we specialize in alterations. From the simple jobs to the most complicated, we can handle every alteration. Call us at 360-662-1212 for further details.
  • Hemming pants for both men and women
  • Suits
  • Dresses
  • Small repairs
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for all your alteration needs.

Shirt and Suit Alterations
Gown Alterations
Womens Wear
Military Patches FAST!
Leather Alterations/Repair
Curtains and Drapes

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